Eating Disorder Help: “SHANanigans” in the Mall Bathroom!?!


Eating Disorder Help: “SHANanigans” in the mall bathroom!?! – Some videos don’t need ANY EXPLANATION to go along with them. THIS is one of those videos… you HAVE to watch it to belie…


New Petition Urges Abercrombie & Fitch to Change Its Anti-Plus-Size Stance
As of Thursday afternoon, the petition, which increased momentum with the support of the National Eating Disorders Association, garnered over 1,600 signatures, needing only 372 more to reach its goal. A spokesperson for Abercrombie & Fitch declined to … Read more on Yahoo! Movies (blog)

I Wish My Mother Would Call – Gawker
I was convinced that memories were eating her up. ***. In 1995, my father wrote a letter. It was the only letter he … What I remembered most for years about my mother was that she had not been mother at all in any pragmatic way, and all of her … Read more on Gawker

No Diet Day encourages acceptance of all body types
Eating disorders affect not only the sufferers, but their entire families. Oulu area manager of the Finnish Eating Disorder Association Tanja Tiainen says that sufferers are still stigmatised by eating disorders. However nowadays they are more likely … Read more on YLE News