Anorexic: I Just Ate a Cupcake, I Feel Like a Failure..?

Question by : Anorexic: I just ate a cupcake, I feel like a failure..?
well im kinda anorexic, and i just had the WORST binge of my life… i rarley even eat this many calories in a day…. how do i get over this? my whole body is shaking and i feel extremely weak. i HATE myself. how the hell do i get over this?
i dont have the money too get treatment… and i hardly even deserve treatment….

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Answer by shutuppauface
Yes, you’re a failure at being anorexic, so go talk to your parents so they can help you be successful at being normal.
Think about it– You HATE yourself, why would you choose to continue this deathstyle rather than getting treatment?

“i dont have the money too get treatment.”

There are plenty of free treatment options available. Talk to your school nurse or counsellor for a referral.

“… and i hardly even deserve treatment.”

But we deserve to be subjected to your postings about your mental disorder?
Give me a break, please. You are so desperate for attention it’s unbelievable.

Answer by Escher
You should go to a doctor and be asked to be referred to a psychologist who specialists in eating disorders.


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