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Brown calls California's prison crisis over: 'Ridiculous,' say reform advocates

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"In other counties, they use re-entry money, really all their funding, to increase prison capacity at the expense of the programs [mental illness treatment, job training, drug rehabiliation and education] that would help keep parolees from returning to …
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What Should You Know Before Being Admitted to a Hospital?

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For comparison, deaths attributable to medical errors exceed those that die from motor vehicle accidents (43,458), breast cancer (42,297), and illicit drug use (17,000). … Early rehabilitation hurts, but it also reverses all of these maladaptive …
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When and Where

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Nourish Your Noggin: Introductory Education Program about brain health and wellness, presented by Judy Gunkel, community outreach coordinator, Alzheimer's Association. Jan. 22 at Redeemer United Church of Christ, W220-N4915 Town Line … Amputee …
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