Does Anyone Else Think That Teams Put Players on the “DL” for the Wrong Reasons?

Question by BC: Does anyone else think that teams put players on the “DL” for the wrong reasons?
Ok, so Phil Hughes has been doing badly….HE’S HURT???SINCE WHEN???

Ok…exhibit B-John Smoltz comes back from DL says he is fine….wait he has a bad start…DL?

-exhibit c- Dontrelle Willis…when was he hurt?

Do you think that the teams are putting players on the “DL” because they are afraid to send down the players to AAA and hurt their confidence. SO instead they say they are “hurt” and tell them they have to do “rehab?”

Feel free to disagree or agree

10+ points for a star, good argument.

By the way Smoltz to the bullpen???

Best answer:

Answer by YFFL Is sick and a Laker Fan:]
Well we actually dont know the truth to the whole Story so like a fan i say lets just not start saying things about the Team yet , Hughes might be hurt and we must take it seriously we dont know

Answer by NYMetsGrrl94
I was thinking the EXACT same thing when I heard about Phil Hughes.
John Smoltz looked like he was hurting in the game against the Mets and was taking lots of time pacing around the mound so I believe him.
Dontrelle was doing very poorly and he slipped delivering a pitch. You can’t blame him for that. That sort of thing is a freak injury so I also believe he is truly injured.

The thing about confidence is if the player is young and they understand they are struggling they will probably be glad to go to AAA to regain their confidence and/or consistency. An older pitcher may not want to look like he is really that bad. I think it is more if the player is willing to go.

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