Anyone Ever Hear of Pupils Being Dilated While on Anti Depressants?

Question by dhampir_1986: Anyone ever hear of pupils being dilated while on anti depressants?
I just recently started on Cymbalta and for a couple of days my eyes have been extremely dilated. Now I understand that depression is a neurological disorder so no one point this out. I just want to know if this sounds normal. And please don’t tell me to “see my doctor” thats a long story not for this site.

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Answer by NAJAM
anti depressants especially the tricyclics hv anti-cholinergic action…n these cholinergic receptors r found on many tissues of body…anti-cholinergic action blocks n leads to dilation of pupils…
the thing that can disturb u is that u can feel uneasiness in bright light..
other anti-cholinergic actions include constipation , thirst etc
two things u can do…dosage adjustment or replacement of drug with little anti-cholinergic action if u cannot bear that…
yes u can also use dark glasses in bright light…l

Answer by twix
some antidepressants makes a person “high” (it also depends on a person’s body response through it). and one of the signs if someone is high is through dilated pupils.

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