Do You Think “Interventions” for Depression Could Work?

Question by Jackie Brown: Do you think “Interventions” for depression could work?
Similar to drug interventions. If someone needs help, do you think an intervention would effective?

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Answer by michele
Yes, it is quite possible, assuming the goal of the intervention was to encourage the sufferer to seek treatment.

~Dr. B.~

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Can Psychological Interventions Help ICU Patients?

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“The research showed associations between sedative drugs such as benzodiazepines, the length of time a patient was sedated and the likelihood of them feeling depressed, anxious and traumatized in future. “However we found that acute stress reactions …


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Despite these limitations, this research demonstrates that mothers with depression need early interventions not only for their well-being but for the long-term well-being and adjustment of their children. Lamis believes that interventions that target …
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… family, educational, vocational, and social interventions can significantly reduce overall psychotic symptoms, decrease depression and anxiety, and lower patient perceptions of the disruptions that psychosis causes in their lives, said Dr. Michael …
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