Do I Have an Eating Disorder?

Question by : Do i have an eating disorder?
i think i have a eating disorder. i have not eaten since yesterday night but even then i didn’t feel like eating it. And when i had my lunch 2day i didn’t want 2 eat it (and it were 1 of my fave meals)!!! and its strange because im not actually that hungry even tho i have not eaten in basically 24 hours!!!!!!!!!!! do i have an eating disorder!!!!!!!! by the way the smell of food (since yesterday tha is) makes me feel sick!!!!!!
DEMI: yer i kinda dont wanna eat it because i think im fat!!!! altho on the wii it says ma BMI is 18!!!!!! i dont be;ive it nd i also think tha is y my BF dumped me!!!!! i also cant fit in 2 jeans properly!! nd yer i do delibratly eat more food because i have 2 comfort ma self wid food!!!!!

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Answer by Matt S
No. You don’t have an ED. They’re MUCHHHHHHHHHHHHH more serious than not eating in 24 hours. They’re about control not about not having the ability to eat.

Answer by Avinitinatt
Doubt it, when you give up having ‘favourite meals’ then maybe, you probably have a bug. Going off food is not a disorder its a symptom of something else. People with the beginnings of eating disorders do actually get hungry, until is gets more serious and their stomachs shrink. Deliberately eating too much or nothing would be a disorder, not going off your food.

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