Adolescent Residential Treatment Centers / Rehab?

Question by (: <3: Adolescent residential treatment centers / rehab?
My parents want me to send me to an adolescent residential treatment center for my bulimia and depression. Im a 16 year old female

I need to know more about these programs through your firsthand knowledge and experience; there isnt much information about these centers on the internet

how much freedom do you have? do you have to go to bed and wake up at a certain time each day? how are the living conditions? do you ever get to leave the center to go out with friends or anything?

thanks so much.

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Answer by daythatidie99
I went somewhere for depression, alcohol and drugs. It’s HORRIBLE. Freedom=none. You have to ask to do ANYTHING and you have to listen to them. You cant take anything with you except maybe a pair or two of clothes. We had to be in bed by 8:30 and up by 6 but they would wake us earlier to talk to the therapist. But I could never sleep. It’s just horrible, the nurses are mean and yeah. You cant leave at all and you can only call your parents once a day or they can visit.

Thats what the one I went to was like.

Try to avoid it, I’d rather act happy and never drink or do drugs again than go back there. Thats the only reason I stopped.

Answer by Kingsley
one of my best friends went to a place for anorexia and depression in Illinois.
its called like
timberline knowls
its not amazing i dont think
but i do think it helped her learn better coping strategies and get back on track.
they do give you free time , and there are phone times scattered throughout the day
you might want to check it out
private email me if you want more info ( i can talk to her and maybe get the ‘inside scoop’)

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