Difference Between Bipolar Disorder and Just Being a Moody Teenager?

Question by Melissa: Difference between bipolar disorder and just being a moody teenager?
I fear that I may be bipolar. I’m 17 and it runs in my family, but at the same time sometimes I wonder if my “symptoms” can just be explained because I’m a teenager and am moody/stressed. Any help with red flags? I want to talk to my mom about it, but I don’t want to tell her if it’s nothing big.
Wait what…? x_x

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Answer by Naguru
Yes. It is there. What do you think can be done about it. Is there a solution for such sentence.

Answer by SweetNSpicay
Bipolar you can go from super happy and peppy to super mad in a finger snap, randomly happeing. Not someone annoying you causing you to snap.

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