Depression Treatments?

Question by stunnin_always: depression treatments?
Im a 19 year old girk and I have everything to live for (a suipportive mum and dad, great boyfriend, money, a university place etc)but I still feel unhappy.
Its like I cant ever relax or feel any sort of happy emotion any more. I am not going to the docs and getting any type of pill as they don’t work.
But does anyone know of any effecttive treatments for depression that dont require a doc? Is it possible to get out of this depression?

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Answer by -All Apologies
You can help your depression without help for a while, but it won’t help you in the long run, at least I don’t think most people can, but than again I could be wrong. There are ways you can help yourself. One is maintaining close relationships with people. Share and keep people close to you informed on what you are feeling and let them try to help you. You can go out and try knew things, like socializing or searching for a new hobby. You can make new friends and get a chance to try new things. Try to make sure you exercise a little each day, for this helps keep stress level down and helps your body stay in shape. Also try to get at least 8 hours of sleep so your body and mind get plenty of rest. If you can’t find support in a loved one, try looking for an online support forum that fits your needs. You can get anonymous help, but you are still getting help and letting your feelings out. Good luck and I hope this helps a little.

Answer by Lulu
Depression is anger that you have repressed (denied to yourself that you feel). Since you won’t acknowledge the anger, it gets turned back onto yourself. Depression is anger not expressed.

How would you be able to self-help something you can’t acknowledge?

Therapy is the only thing I know of that can effectively get to the bottom of things.

From my experience, medication to relieve anxiety while you are in therapy do work.

Good luck.

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