Depression Tips: Support Group Options That Work


Depression Tips: Support Group Options That Work – Get more information at Depression support groups can help you to get going and keep going. In this video Dr. Vince Caimano describes how support groups work and some different options for you to consider. Dr. Caimano has experience working in support groups with hundreds of people who are living with depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety. He is also the founder of Live Depression Support Group a web meeting service that helps and encourages people living with depression.


Can nasal spray help prevent military suicides?

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The military spends about $ 2 billion a year on mental health for its members. But many who study and report on military suicides say the stigma attached to depression as well as the red tape involved in implementing a program make it difficult to …
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Black Dog Ride to Support Initiatives for Fighting Depression

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In Australia, after heart diseases and stroke deaths, it is the yoke of depression that affects every one in seven residents and therefore to support all those initiatives that aim in dealing with the signs and symptoms of this mental problem, Channel …
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Exercise may help ease depression in heart failure

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People with heart failure who are also depressed may benefit from regular, moderate exercise, a new study suggests. Researchers found patients who exercised an hour and a half to two hours per week had slightly lower depression scores, which in turn …
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