Depression “cures”? Whats Your Preference? Medication or Other..?

Question by o: Depression “cures”? Whats your preference? Medication or other..?
So depression runs in my family…..I mean like serious manic-depression.
Unfortunately……all of my family members have gone with the “quick fix” of a hearty combination of pills.
neurontin, and all sorts of other “depression” pills….(I dont know the names, nor do I know how to spell them, lol)
They are experiencing what most other Americans experience when they try to treat their body with lots of chemicals…..MORE DEPRESSION, and a s***load of side effects.
Its funny ever time they get a “side effect” (nausea, paranoia, etc…). their doctor immediately tells them its because they need a different, or supplemental medication.
This al;ways works for a few months andf then THAT medication starts causing side effects and the vivious cycle starts over again.
In my opinion any doctor that willingly puts their patients in this kind of medication cycle is LIABLE and SELFISH and is not putting the interests of the patient first.
I refuse to get caught up in the medication cycle as it is CLEAR to me that this only makes problems WORSE.
I am a runner and I meditate and that works for me and I feel really bad for people who just blindly listen to their doctors at the expense of their own health.
I am not AGAINSt western medicine (I have a primary care doctor and a cardiologist) Im just saying this obsession with instantly medicating everyone for things that can easily be cured by a healthier approach really bothers me, because I see that It dosnt work for SOOOOO many people.
(Think about how many famous people have died from complications from or to much medication….now think about how many “average” people are on that track.
THINK FOR YOURSELF AMERICA, then maybe this country wouldnt be so fat and depressed.
Bring on the insults…….
BTW….I agree that SOME people benefit from medication……..but in my experience and opinion half the people that are medicated in this day and age dont need to be…..

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Answer by ok
Uhhh…Abilify works with minimun side effects? I think some people need medicine but some people are just whinners. BUT SOME PEOPLE NEED MEDICATION!!! Trust me.

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