Depression 2011

Depression 2011
FIghting Clinical Depression may not be easy. But it’s worth it. And those who fight on are not alone.



Dave fights back from horrific crash
"While I was in a coma, the doctors couldn't give my family a clear picture of if I was going to survive, be a vegetable or fully recover," said Mr Gaglioti. "It was like a nightmare. "I had to learn how to walk, talk and eat again and my intestine was … Read more on Gold Coast Bulletin News

Family of ex-Altoona athlete wants to spread word on the dangers of concussions
When he was being treated for depression, doctors asked him what his life goals were. "To get drafted," P.J. said, repeating Joey's often-discussed vision. "The doctor couldn't get it off him. He felt like he was letting us down because he wasn't going … Read more on Altoona Mirror