City Gives Green Light to East 21st Street Drug Rehab Center, Despite Vocal

City Gives Green Light To East 21st Street Drug Rehab Center, Despite Vocal
The clinic, First Steps to Recovery, is seeking to move its existing operations from Brighton Beach to East 21st Street, saying they've outgrown their space. The move requires approval from the state's Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services … Read more on Sheepshead Bites

Saudi crack addicts get their fix
JEDDAH – It's nine o'clock at night and Ibrahim, a young Saudi who is addicted to crack cocaine, is parked near the International Medical Center in Jeddah. In his pocket is $ 533, and he's … It is hard to find statistics about the extent of drug abuse … Read more on Ynetnews

California Society of Addiction Medicine Applauds Rehab Fraud Crackdown
The California Society of Addiction Medicine supports the investigation into fraud in the Drug Medi-Cal program but warns that the state must protect legitimate addiction patients in treatment centers where funding is cut off. … The California … Read more on Watch List News (press release)

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