Question by lil missy peep: depression!?!?
is there like a facility for depression..
like when drug heads go into rehab?

Best answer:

Answer by Mrs. C
There are facilities for depression. Most are within a hospital facility. Some are in conjunction with hospitals, yet they have a separate facility (like down the street for example).

Your best bet is to contact your local hospital and see if there is a depression facility.

Also, if you have a primary care doctor or like a neurologist for example, they should have a list of therapists that operate within their company and they (the therapists, have a separate office from the doctor).

Hope this helps you any.

Answer by dancerhelen2006
There are mental health facilities, usually within hospitals, but sometimes on their own, that people can check in to. Normally you can check yourself in if you feel the need, but you still have to be willing to go along with the doctors.

But I would still talk to the person who is treating you for depression, whether a therapist, psychiatrist, regular physician, whatever. Call them up first thing in the morning and talk to them about it. Or if you feel you need it tonight, do what my therapist told me to do. Just call 911 or go to the hospital yourself.

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