Christian Rehab Located in Florida Offer Valuable Advice


Christian Rehab Located In Florida Offer Valuable Advice – Christian rehab and drug and alcohol treatment centers have been helping addicts and alcoholics stay clean successfully over the past few decades because they are using the most effective treatment methods. Christian rehabs have been able to combine not only the twelve step model that organizations such as Alcoholics Anonymous has proven effective but also spiritual principles and teachings. Christian drug and alcohol rehab programs are becoming the top choice for those seeking to become free from addiction and alcoholism because a loving God and a growing relationship with a higher power is showing to work for millions.


Pre-filed bill seeks state welfare reform through drug-testing TANF recipients

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Under the proposal, Dewhurst said anyone failing drug tests would be barred from participating in welfare programs for one year unless they enter a drug rehabilitation program paid for by Medicaid. The bill also proposes that businesses become …
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Faith Outreach

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Faith Outreach has begun a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program at the church on Highway 41 in Okolona that realizes overcoming addiction requires long-term treatment, there can be set-backs and turning your life around takes a belief in something …
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