Christian Drug Treatment Center


Christian Drug Treatment Center – Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers offers substance abuse treatment and has one of the top programs in the country for Christian Treatment, Christian drug treatment, christian alcohol rehabilitation. Christian treatment utilizes the 12 steps and biblical teachings. Christian treatment is very effective with addicts and alcoholics who struggle with the disease of addiction and alcoholism.


In the end, Mindy McCready couldn't shake her demons
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New halfway house strives for 'one-on-one' care
McCollough, who has been clean and sober for 30 years, said that a lot of treatment for drug and alcohol addiction doesn't involve much one-on-one attention. “A lot of treatment centers have gone to group counseling, and group counseling has always … Read more on The Alexander City Outlook

L&P expanding its services
The project is aimed at growing the number of mental health or drug and alcohol treatment centers which also aggressively coordinate physical care for their clients, said Phipps. Under the Affordable Care Act, physical health care that has been … Read more on Marietta Times