Candlelight Vigil for DECEASED NARCONON Patient


Candlelight Vigil for DECEASED NARCONON patient – Under the care of Psychiatry, 45-75% of people addicted to Class A drugs such as heroine and cocaine successfully achieve a lifetime withdrawal from the drug. A success rate of 11% is achieved when addicts try to withdraw from these drugs by themselves. Narconon, the controversial (and expensive) regime practiced by the Church of Scientology has been shown to have a legitimate success rate of only 6%. With 94% of Narconon patients unable to alleviate their addiction, its not surprising that large numbers of Narconon patients commit suicide. This video is dedicated to Patrick Desmond (Rico) who died while under the “care” of Narconon in Georgia.


Leaf Kicked Out of Rehab

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Leaf was serving 9-months in a Montana drug rehab facility after pleading guilty to breaking in to two Great Falls, Montana homes last year and stealing prescription drugs. The offenses are similar to those he faced in Canyon back in 2010. At the time …
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Newfane burglar sent to drug treatment facility

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LOCKPORT – Drug-addicted Newfane burglar Sasha N. Botting was ordered into an inpatient drug treatment facility by State Supreme Court Justice Richard C. Kloch Sr. Tuesday, after she failed a drug test conducted in the court's restroom. “I cannot let …
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Man wanted on drug charge

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Dennis Daugaard has proposed creating more criminal diversion and treatment programs as well as beefed probation efforts to keep people who commit non-violent drug or alcohol-related crimes out of prison. Do you support such alternative sentencing …
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