Can Your Body Be Out of Whack for a While After a Minor Eating Disorder?

Question by Ð??ir??* ?? h???? i c???? ?i?: Can your body be out of whack for a while after a minor eating disorder?
2 years ago, I was “developing” anorexia I guess is how you would put it. I ate only a breakfast bar a day and would drink water when I got hungry. I got realllly skinny and my “eating disorder” got to the point where my parents almost got me help, but then after a little bit I started eating healthy again. So I mean it was minor, nothing huge. But ever since then my body and metabolism have been really weird. Is this normal?

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Answer by Vanillatwilight
Yes, same thing happened to me your body is used to having very small meals so when you started it again it would confuse your body, think kind of like a yo-yo, if you suddenly change what you have been eating your body would be trying to process it and it goes back to normal, congratulations on noticing it was happening and stopping it. When you have anorexia the body feeds off the stored fats in the body till your left with basically none in your body so its probably just storing up again and your body is fighting back now, focus on keeping a balanced healthy diet and try to not stress and that also throws your body out of whack. If you keep having troubles maybe go to a doctor and tell them whats happening, because your body should be getting better now.

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