Can Raw Foods Help With Depression? #809


Can Raw Foods Help with Depression? #809 – – Find out if the raw food diet can help with depression. In this video, I also cover what nutritional tests to take if you have depression.


Daily aspirin dose could help elderly fight depression

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Taking an aspirin pill a day could help combat depression in the elderly, a new study has revealed. Trials found that a regular dose of aspirin reduced the risk of depression in sufferers by around 40 percent. The medicine seems to work by lowering …
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An aspirin a day could help in fight against depression among the elderly

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Now some scientists think excess homocysteine may also be a factor in poor mental health and that nearly one in six cases of depression in the elderly could be avoided by using aspirin to lower levels in the blood. Up to 20 per cent of us suffer …
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Jesse Jackson Jr.'s bipolar diagnosis could help others who suffer

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Jesse Jackson Jr. suffers from bipolar II depression, which the National Institute of Mental Health characterizes as "a pattern of depressive episodes shifting back and forth with hypomanic episodes, but no full-blown manic or mixed episodes." It …
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