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Birmingham Binge Eating Help; How to Stop Binging video – Birmingham Binge Eating expert help Hypnotherapist Debbie Williams Free Overcome Binge eating video how to curb your binging right now and help to stop your bulimia nervosa, binge eating and overeating issues. Binge eating can take over your life and get in the way of really enjoying your day. Binge eating and bulimia are very similar the only difference is that a bulimic has a rule that they must not go above a certain weight so throws up or uses and abuses laxatives in an attempt to control their weight. A binge eater just keeps piling on the pounds until it gets unbearable, then a strict eating regime is enforced, each time dieting gets harder and harder and weight loss seems slower and slower and makes the binge eater suffer unbearably. There is a better way and by learning to eat as a lean, healthy happy person does is the answer. Birmingham Hypnotherapist Debbie Williams suffered both binge eating and bulimia but has been free now for approaching 15 years. She has been a trainer with Paul McKenna since 1995 and has helped him on GMTV with peoples crisp,chocolate and biscuit addictions. She can help you through her extensive hypnosis products costing from £12 to £27 as well as many free online videos on this channel and her DebbieWilliamsNLP You Tube channel. Click the link above to read about her Lean for Life recording as well as checking out the website for other useful resources. If You can travel to Birmingham West Midlands


Contending with stress

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“Reprioritizing time and attention toward things that are more meaningful may help a student feel less stressful,” he said. Protivnak said some students will attempt to relieve stress in ways that are unhealthy. “Binge drinking or binge eating may …
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7 benefits of being in love

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For example, a person is less likely to risk their life with smoking, binge drinking, reckless driving or dangerous eating habits if a loved one is depending on them. 2. Love can … What's better than being in love with your partner to help combat …
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