ASK COACH: Cardiovascular Health…?


ASK COACH: Cardiovascular Health…? – In this installment of ASK COACH, Coach Poliquin talks about cardiovascular health and shows us the difference between healthy arteries and those at risk for…


What Makes Rituals Special? Join Us For A Google+ Conversation
A study slated for publication in the journal Psychological Science attempts to rectify that: Harvard Business School researcher Francesca Gino and colleagues focused on the way rituals influenced adults' experience of eating. … The same thing … Read more on KERA News

Google executive: GPA, test scores 'worthless' for hiring
Grade point averages, test scores, interviews and even resumes are poor indicators of whether a job applicant is right for the position, said a top human resources executive at Google. “One of the things we've seen from all our data crunching is that G … Read more on Daily Caller