Any Free Online Alcohol Treatment?

Question by Matt: Any free online alcohol treatment?
I got a DUI like an idiot and live in PA. In PA you can’t get your license back until you finish treatment along with other things. The closest treatment center is over 20 minutes away driving so its not within walking distance. When they offer classes all my friends/family are at work. Does anyone know of any online only classes that I can take for free to get done with this treatment?

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Answer by carey
Sorry, they want you to suffer in class, as negative reinforcement not to be so stupid. Also, those people who give the classes have to pay the State $ $ for the franchise & the return favor is that you have to go to them and pay them.

Drink at home if you can’t manage your addiction, and definitely don’t make the classic (stupid) mistake of hopping in the car midway into your binge, to get some smokes or to get another six pack or bottle — stock up ahead of time.

Answer by Tink
Perhaps you haven’t been to court yet, etc…or talked about it enough with your lawyer

They will require that you go to specific sites designated by the courts…and no, the courts don’t care that its inconvenient…the way they see it, they were inconvenienced by the fact you were a menace and a danger to society…consider it a form of punishment…

I’m guessing your lawyer will also tell you that you should attend AA meetings…you find those here

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