Anorexia, Life and ****Trigger Warning****


Anorexia, Life and ****Trigger Warning**** – Just an update on how things are going these days! Stay strong xo


Promising future is sidelined by burdens of single motherhood

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At 19, she became pregnant and gave birth to Archie, who was diagnosed with hemophilia, a serious blood disorder that prevents the blood from clotting. She quit college. She had no income. Her son receives federal Supplemental … "You have the …
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Obesity fightback begins in Tamworth, fat capital of Britain

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In her case, it was emotional distress. Her fourth child, Cameron, was diagnosed with a very rare blood disorder when he was 15 months old, after four months of tests. … She used to order two big breakfasts at the McDonald's drive-through and eat both.
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