Almonds Without Traces of Other Tree Nuts/peanuts?

Question by mkhermione: Almonds without traces of other tree nuts/peanuts?
I have a deadly allergy to Hazelnuts, Brazil Nuts, and Peanuts. I am in recovery for an eating disorder and nuts are an essential source of fat in my diet to repair things like hair, skin, nails, etc. I am aware there are other ways to get this fat, but this is the only non-expensive, no-need-for-refrigeration, portable snack that I am interested in.

I am searching for a company that sells Almonds that do not have any traces of any other nuts in them. No “made in the same facility,” no “manufactured on the same equipment,” no “may contain traces.” I was so close with the brand Blue Diamond, which sells almonds that are Peanut free, but may contain other tree nuts. You would think this would be an easy thing to find.

Before anyone tells me to buy them still in the shells, that’s not going to work. They always have traces, and I do not have the time or manpower to scrub each shell clean before consumption. If anyone even has any leads on a brand, don’t hesitate. I’m desperate here.

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Answer by ckngbbbls
I doubt that is going to happen as any company that processes almonds probably also processes other nuts. Depending on where you live you might be able to buy almonds in the shell directly from a grower. If the grower only grew almonds, you wouldn’t have to mess around with scrubbing the shells before cracking them.
You need to find another fat source that is good for you and tasty to be on the safe side because of the allergy.

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