Adventure Therapy: Mirasol Clients Go Caving!


Adventure Therapy: Mirasol Clients Go Caving! – Adventure therapy is an integral part of Mirasol’s residential eating disorder treatment program, including hiking, camping, and also caving! There are no lights and no walking path or protective railings. There’s nothing to illuminate your path but a small red flashlight — and the support of those around you. Mirasol Clinical Director Diane Ryan thinks it’s a great metaphor for treatment. “This is a place where we really have to help one another,” says Ryan. “There are a lot of places where it’s tight, and there are drops you can’t see, so you need someone to say, ‘put your foot here, put your hand there’. It drives home that message about depending on one another in a really healthy way.”


Protein power

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Meal replacements can also help fitness lovers and athletes with eating disorders, she says. Again, they are a stopgap while the individual deals with his or her eating disorder through professional help. As Mansfield points out, if you're not eating …
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'Specialist treatment in England helped me recover'

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There is not a single eating disorder hospital in Wales. A Welsh hospital would mean that the Welsh government would no longer have to spend thousands of pounds every year on funding the inpatient stay of a Welsh sufferer in an English hospital. A …
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