Advances in Treating Depression


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Manage stress by prioritizing commitments
Another wrote about the stress that comes with being depressed and overweight. “I've never been at the weight I want to be. It makes me self-conscious about what … We all get stressed about different issues, and Kocan and Brown agree that we have … Read more on The University Daily Kansan

10 Tips for the Best Mothering & Self-Love
Responding to a child's tears with laughter, or “That's nothing to cry about,” or “You shouldn't be (or 'Don't be') sad,” are forms of denying and shaming a child's natural feelings. Even parents who have sympathetic intentions may be … (To read more … Read more on (blog)

Social arts trample liberal arts
The authors found that this proves highly self-perpetuating, with the sororities at the top of the hierarchy filled with women who are “bubbly”, white, heterosexual, more or less naturally blonde, au fait with the right (expensive) shoes and handbags … Read more on Times Higher Education