[Acute Effects of a Single Bout of Moderate Exercise on Psychological Well-Being in Patients With Affective Disorder During Hospital Treatment.]

[Acute effects of a single bout of moderate exercise on psychological well-being in patients with affective disorder during hospital treatment.]

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Neuropsychiatr. 2012 Oct 31;
Stark R, Schöny W, Kopp M

OBJECTIVE: To explore the effects of a single bout of exercise on psychological well-being in inpatients with affective disorder. METHODS: Thirty-four participants under hospital treatment because of affective disorder attended a supervised but self-paced 60 min Nordic Walking session. All participants completed a self-report questionnaire on psychological well-being before and after physical activity. RESULTS: A significant increase was found for calmness, activation and mood whereas the scales thoughtfulness, weakness, depression and arousal decreased. CONCLUSIONS: A self-paced but supervised single Nordic Walking session seems to be effective in improving acute psychological well-being in patients with affective disorder. Positive affective components of exercise should be addressed in clinical trials focusing on anti-depressive effects and exercise maintenance in patients with affective disorders.
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[Does sports help against depression in patients with heart insufficiency? – Fitness training improves depressive mood].

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Dtsch Med Wochenschr. 2012 Nov; 137(45): 2308
Störk S

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