10 New Startups Looking to Solve Consumer Health Problems

10 new startups looking to solve consumer health problems
The patient can also post pictures and sound files and other updates for the family to see. Vimty is an online platform that supports seniors … Recovery Record is a mental health app for young people dealing with eating disorders. For the patient … Read more on mobihealthnews

Walsh: School pictures
Are pictures “too 1990's” for you? How about a calendar starring your precious offspring? Or a key fob? Or a fridge magnet? Or a pendant? Or an iPhone case? Or even dog tags — dog tags! (What a lovely way to give your daughter the gift of her first … Read more on Monroe Courier

My Story: Emotional Healing from Medical Trauma
I found myself relapsing into an eating disorder to help deal with the emotional complexities of post-traumatic stress. I felt apprehensive about moving … After seeing the surgical pictures, I knew I made the right decision. Five days after the … Read more on American News Report