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Zoe eating



Mud: Nature's First Dietary Supplement?
But most modern medicine dispels geophagy's benefits, considering it pica, an eating disorder characterized by the consumption of non-food materials, such as dirt of paper. In pregnant women, nutritional deficiencies are what often triggers pica … Read more on The Weather Channel

Pick of the day: Neighbours
Tonight Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) refuses to believe Susan's claim that Imogen suffers from an eating disorder and Susan prompts Karl into realising that Georgia is better off without him. Then when Lauren organises a tea party to cheer up Vanessa, … Read more on Express.co.uk

Cara Delevingne Stars In Karl Lagerfeld "Horror" Film & Explains Why Social
"They talk to me about anything, really – eating disorders, depression, family problems, especially because they know the things that may have gone on in my life, stuff with my mother, she said. Cara Delevingne Fendi Will Cara Ditch Modelling For Acting? Read more on Contactmusic.com