Young Leukemia Patient Depends on Strangers' Donations to Beat Disease

Young leukemia patient depends on strangers' donations to beat disease
His gait has been altered by a pair of strokes, and chemotherapy sessions have reduced his blond hair to a wispy pate, but Grady's main concern this day is eating cheezies, sipping juice and playing with a talking toy truck. Since last July, Grady has … Read more on Vancouver Sun

Bariatric Eating Discusses Post Gastric Bypass Surgery and Alcohol
With the opening of the holiday season about to begin, it is crucial that we understand that having had a surgical weight loss procedure puts many at a higher risk of alcohol abuse. Studies show that those who have had bariatric surgery … Alcohol is … Read more on Newsday

CNN’s Accent Health on Eating Disorders
This segment of CNN’s “Accent Health” (hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta) focuses on a woman’s longtime battle with anorexia and bullimia. Expert commentary is also…