Yoga Therapy – Depression


Yoga Therapy – Depression – A hand position used in yoga therapy for depression and anxiety – shared by Heather Greaves


Music therapy helps college professor speak again

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Music therapy can also be used for patients who suffer from depression, anxiety, pain, autism and cognitive disabilities. Gallagher said patients don't need to be musically inclined. And, Forester hopes he can one day return to teaching. “I'm always …
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Forget About Blue Monday – Depression Is All in the Mind

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If you have moderate or severe (as opposed to mild) depression, you are likely to need treatment, with cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) clinically proven to be the most effective form of 'talking therapy.' Regular exercise is also a great way to …
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I'm depressed, but my family needs me. How do I get help?

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For people with severe depression, evidence-based treatments often include a combination of psychological treatment (cognitive-behavioural or interpersonal therapy) and medications. I would strongly encourage you to seek treatment. Not only are you …
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