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Yahhh toys!!! – I had an amazing night with my awesome friend!!!


Thinspiration blogs slammed for encouraging young girls to lose weight

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Online thinspiration blogs are encouraging life-threatening behaviour among slimmers, with girls as young as six being treated for severe eating disorders, experts have warned. The director of New Zealand Eating Disorder Specialists, Charles Fishman, …
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Campus dietitian encourages healthier student eating habits

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“[People should seek advice about] weight loss, supplements, sports nutrition, eating disorders, meal plans, food allergies [and] diabetes,” Yonke said. Oshkosh junior Ben Heindel said he finds many benefits of having a registered dietitian on campus …
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The Play-by-Play on the Female Athlete Triad

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She may have an eating disorder, such as anorexia (weight loss by severely limiting food) or bulimia (binge eating coupled with purging behaviors). Menstrual problems occur when weight loss interrupts normal pathways and leads to decreased production …
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