Would You Call Someone Who Helps Girls Battle Eating Dissorders,a Social Worker,Psychotherapist or Psycologist?

Question by A: Would you call someone who helps girls battle eating dissorders,a Social Worker,Psychotherapist or Psycologist?
What would you call someone who helps young girls battle eating dissorders, a Social Worker, a Psychologist, or a Psycotherapist? And can you give me as much information possible on the right answer? Please please help me learn about this!! Thanks 🙂

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Answer by Marissa C
A therapist, a psychologist or a counselor could all help with eating disorder treatment.

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Beaumont expands program to help those with eating disorders

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It offers treatment to those with eating disorders between the ages of 10 and 22, as well as the parents of the patients. “We use a parent-involved, skills-based, collaborative approach to treat pre-teens, teens and young adults with eating disorders …
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Obesity 'contributes to eating disorders' – The West Australian

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"This report will help bring visibility to the burden of eating disorders on sufferers, their families and the community which due to personal shame and community stigma, continue to be a highly invisible group of conditions," she said. The report …
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