Would You Agree With This? or Do You Think the Situations Are Too Different to Comparee?

Question by English: would you agree with this? or do you think the situations are too different to comparee?
Here are the 2 situations:

person A is seeing a therapist for grief counseling over the loss of a loved one. This person has been depressed for a while but is not put on any medication. Grieving is exspected and some depression is normal in this circumstance.

Person B is seeing a therapist for “depression” because of a major facial deformity and all of the social impplications it carrries(social rejection/isolation, difficulty with employment….). This person is refered for medication.

You do not have to be a doctor to answer. Just looking for opinions as to do you think one, both or neither of these people should be refer for medication.

Best answer:

Answer by lizz
I honestly don't think people should take medications for depression I myself have experienced my mother trying to take her ownlife Because of side effects from medications, I think it's best to seek group therapy and work out issues with a therapist. Life has its up and downs it's natural to feel upset every once in awhile.

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