Would USA Conservatives Approve of This Idea?

Question by Eric S: Would USA Conservatives approve of this idea?
A free homeless shelter on the campus of UC Berkeley in California, with lots of free snack food and a refrigerator…operated freely by UC Berkeley campus students out of one of the dorm lounges,

and these homeless people will get a free UC Berkeley education brought to their shelter with electronic books because activist students with flowers in their hair voluntarily agree to take care of the homeless when they are not working or studying or in class.

And some of the girls are registered nurses and they can take care of the rehab and medical needs of these homeless.

Just like the church missionaries heal the wounds of the poor, here the Liberal activists can do it, except the focus is on the hippie movement and curing poverty, instead of Jesus and curing poverty.
Also to protect the students, the dorm will have a metal detector inserted so no harmful weapons can be brought in by a homeless person.

Drugs will be discouraged but not searched upon entry of the homeless person.

And each student will have a whistle to blow if they are being attacked physically for any reason, and a button they can press for outside help.

Couldn’t this work?

Best answer:

Answer by jack99skellington
No way. Perhaps if the “homeless shelter” had a big oven or something.

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