Would These Mental Illnesses Run in the Family?

Question by Heidii: Would these mental illnesses run in the family?
Both of my parets at some point have had deppression.
My father currently has several mental illnesses besides depression and has been in the hospital for a few months. Im not sure what the names of the illnesses are B/c we dont keep in touch. But ive had other family members with mental illnesses.
Do these run in the family? i know that currently I feel depressed all the time, i have trouble sleeping and I have an eating disorder.

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Answer by Yeshuaman
Yes, illnesses run in the family sometimes. They are curses that go from generation to generation until they are dealt with. Doctors will not tell you that because they can’t make any money telling you that.

Our physical & emotional condition is often the result of the spiritual battle taking place around us (curses & demons). Our condition is the result of our winning or losing the battles.

Answer by babbleon2
Depression can have a genetic component and can run in the family. Not sleeping and the eating disorder can be either a cause or result of depression.

I’ve had depression and anxiety issues for years – if you focus on taking care of yourself, and get help, you can feel better. But help is important – it’s really hard to deal with depression on your own.

Good luck.

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