Winter Blues? or Something More?

Winter blues? Or something more?
He uses a light to help in lifting depression. LINDEN ON THURS DEC. … More severe, the symptoms for SAD include anxiety, a sense of hopelessness, lethargy, sleeping a lot, socializing less, changes in weight and mental fogginess. The first step in … Read more on Asbury Park Press

Lawrence's pledge to rural Qld
“One concern is that the anxiety being created by medical officer contracts puts rural services at risk due to attrition.” “We have seen examples like Moura were rural service have been targeted in cost saving measures. “I would like to see the health … Read more on The Land Newspaper

POEM: An Epic Step Forward for Achalasia Treatment?
Haruhiro Inoue, MD, the enthusiastic inventor of the new procedure, opened the session on POEM by describing his technique, and met independently with General Surgery News to explain how it has revolutionized his institution's treatment of patients … Read more on General Surgery News