Will Someone Please Give Me a Sane Response?

Question by Chica: Will someone please give me a sane response?
I’m really low right now. I consider suicide at least a few times daily. I’ve recently developed psoriasis and it’s adding to the hopelessness. I need to hear something real and uplifting, or at least sustaining.

I can’t handle the “seek a therapist” or “call this hotline” answers right now. I just need words from someone who’s been here and somehow manages to pull through it every day. Thanks a lot.

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Answer by Dayle R
Think positive thoughts. take a walk. Smile. take another walk. one day at a time

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Depression Hotline – Learn more at www.collectiveeye.org. Sky sits depressed in a room and contemplates suicide on the phone. Excerpted from Body Memories, a personal portrait of one man’s journey inward to find meaning in his life.


TADS has new tool for mental health advocacy

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It is not a crisis hotline. MSPP INTERFACE is available for Groton, Dunstable, Harvard, Westford and Concord residents and will soon be available in Littleton. It becomes available in Ayer and Shirley on Nov. 1. The INTERFACE Helpline, 888-244-6843, ext.
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