Wife Jailed Together With Husband in Qatar

Wife Jailed Together With Husband In Qatar
Having worked with the World Food Program and UNHCR in Ghana, much of my time was focused on attempting to treat children with feeding disorders. I watched dozens of children sit daily, for hours during the supplemental feeding visits, refusing to eat. Read more on spyghana.com

DSM-5's New Approach to Suicide Risk, Behavior
This risk is specifically recognized in diagnoses from anorexia nervosa to schizophrenia to post-traumatic stress disorder, a reflection of research that has shown elevated risk to be a concern not just with depressive or personality disorders. For … Read more on Huffington Post

Revealed: Scots student tells how he starved himself to the brink of death
After he got to university, with no relatives around to monitor his eating, Paul found it easier to skip meals. And his use of pro-anorexia “thinspiration” websites made his problems worse. He said: “Soon, I was visiting the sites every day, and I … Read more on Scottish Daily Record