Why Won’t Anyone Out There Help With Depression and Mental Illness Without Wanting Money?

Question by Sarah: Why won’t anyone out there help with depression and mental illness without wanting money?
If people really cared about others the way they “claim”, those with mental illnesses would get the help they need. All these phone numbers and chat rooms to call for help are b.s. Oh, “we care about you and will do anything to help you out, just contact us.” Yeah, but when you do, you get the answer, “I’m sorry, but we are financially unable to help you, but we can refer you to your local blah blah blah and maybe you can get low cost or sliding scale help.” Well, what about those that can’t even afford to buy a pack of hotdogs? How the heck can they get money for doctor’s visits?

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Answer by Alisha
Same reason doctors won’t work on you unless you have insurance. They need to make money.

Theres nothing wrong with contacting a local family health services or a company with more financial options. Thats how I did it.

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