Why the Pain Caused by Bullying Is Just as Dangerous as a Physical Assault

Why the Pain Caused By Bullying is Just as Dangerous as a Physical Assault
However, whether you are punched in the face or humiliated online, if the end result is pain caused by the activation of the same brain regions, then the experiences are not that different. Furthermore, the pain caused by both can lead to problems with … Read more on Huffington Post Canada

Oxytocin Could Make Us More Accepting Of Others
… bonding in adults – could also make us more accepting of other people, as found in new research, “Oxytocin Sharpens Self-other Perceptual Boundary,” by Neuropsychoanalysis Foundation research grantee Valentina Colonnello Ph.D. published online … Read more on Eurasia Review

Mental illness can steal your identity, your ideas, your capacity to love
Australia's leading online youth mental health service, Reachout.com, found in a survey last year that young people were more likely to seek help online rather than face-to-face from a mental health professional. The same survey found that after … Read more on Dubbo Photo News | Dubbo Weekender