Why Is My Depression and Anxiety Sooooo Bad Even Though I Quit Doing Drugs?

Question by Tim: why is my depression and anxiety sooooo bad even though i quit doing drugs?
i used to be a very heavy drug user. and i have recently quit using everything about 3 months ago. i was involved with drugs for about 4 or 5 years. the reason i no longer do drugs is because i got a DUI and i am on “diverson” which means i have to submit to random drug and alcohol tests. but, i still crave drugs. i MISS smoking weed with my buddies in my car, i know its childish but it seemed to be the only thing to make me smile, laugh and feel like myself. but lately now that i CANT use drugs like marijuana, ive noticed myself being more and more depressed. and i desperately crave the feeling of smoking weed again. its not even cocaine or opiates or amphetamines. is it possible that i have been “self medicating” my depression with marijuana and now that i cant have it i feel more empty, lonely, depressed, bored etc? im on a rather large dose of clonazepam (benzo’s) and i no longer abuse them, i take them as prescribed which are supposed to help me with my depression and anxiety but. it doesnt work. and i have found other hobbies. i workout now, i go running, i play ball with my dogs. but for the most part, i find myself sitting in front of the tv. my friends ask me if i want to go to social events, but i honestly have no interest. i dont like socializing. i hate talking to people, i hate being around people, and i really dont like people. for the most part, i think MOST people are mean, cruel, selfish.. so thats why im so antisocial. can anybody help me? lots of people have told me to read the bible or to find something to do that takes my mind off drugs, but nothing works. im open to anything. just dont tell me to read the bible. i know the bible front to back. when i was a kid i was like number 2 in the district at “bible quiz”. please help me, ill take any advice

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Answer by Shelby
Overdose on non-negatable responsibility.

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