Why Is ADD Considered a Subtype of ADHD?

by axom.

Question by Sydnee: Why is ADD considered a subtype of ADHD?
If ADD (ADHD-PI) does not create any type of hyperactive symptoms, then why is it a subtype of ADHD and not its own, separate disorder? I know that the two conditions are supposed to be related but this still doesn’t seem right.

If ADD and ADHD can be called subtypes of the same disorder, then why don’t doctors combine Bulimia and Binge eating disorder into one disorder and call Binge eating disorder “Bulimia: non-purging type”?

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Answer by Cicely
They’re grouped together because they both involve deficits in one’s ability to pay attention. You’re right that this doesn’t make much sense, given that ADHD actually has the word hyperactivity in the name. It would be more logical to have it be the other way around, with ADHD as a subtype of ADD. Hopefully someday the categorization or at least the names will change.

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Binge Eating DISORDER – Signs * Periodically does not exercise control over consumption of food. * Eats an unusually large amount of food at one time, far more than an average person would eat in the same amount of time. * Eats much more quickly during binge episodes than during normal eating episodes. * Eats until physically uncomfortable and nauseated due to the amount of food just consumed. * Eats when depressed or bored. * Eats large amounts of food even when not really hungry. * Usually eats alone during binge eating episodes, in order to avoid discovery of the disorder. * Often eats alone during periods of normal eating, owing to feelings of embarrassment about food. * Feels disgusted, depressed, or guilty after binge eating. * Rapid weight gain, and/or sudden onset of obesity.


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