Why I Thinking That I Am the Bad Guy and Noone Like Me?

Question by bigeyes: why i thinking that i am the bad guy and noone like me?
every one has friends and their mother and father likes them but i am too a lone and i do not know what i do i got depressin too please tell me what i do ?

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Answer by Babu
I’m sorry to hear you feel so alone.
I’m sure your not the bad guy. I don’t know you’re situation so I can’t say anything for sure, but If you think your mother and father don’t like you , I’m thinking maybe that has you feeling like your a bad guy. Sometimes people just aren’t very good parents and they make their children feel unwanted or even bad about themselves. It doesn’t mean the child is bad or unlikeable but if their own parents making them feel unloved then it’ s hard for them to feel good about themselves.
In other words it’s not your fault. It’s hard making friends for anyone , and especially when you don’t feel good about yourself. I would try to get someone to talk to. If you are able to get to a good therapist, or guidance counselor, a support group. You can find a support group in your area by putting in search terms like “depression support” or “depression help” ,and then the state and county you live in.
This link is for a place that provides links to self help groups centers across the US, that you can call in your state. They can then help you find a group in your area,that would best suite your needs. I think they even have international groups.
It might be most helpful to join a real self help group where you can talk directly to people. It may ease your loneliness to have other people to talk to who understand .
Or at least find one online. You can do a search for “loneliness forums”, or “depression forums”. “Depression support online: etc. You can search in different terms and fine lots of them ..so you know you are not really alone because a lot of people are feeling the same way as you. And people feeling similar things are good at helping each other.
YOu can try this one:
they have a list of several groups,
You didn’t state you age but I’m giving you a teen forum that deals with loneliness, and families:
And as with any support group., Keep the advice you can use and throw the rest away.
If for any reason you still aren’t feeling like you can talk in person. You can always go to the self help section of a book store and read through their books. There are a lot about loneliness and self confidence, and relationships..So you are not really alone.
Good luck and please don’t blame yourself. This is a not such an uncommon problem.

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