Why I Am Sensitive to the Sound of People Eating?

Question by Azaam: Why I am sensitive to the sound of people eating?
I especially hate when somebody eats with their mouth open. I feel like punching screaming out loud when somebody chews. I am also bothered with load noise.Why I am sensitive to this sound?

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Answer by Intrinsic Random Event
There is a little-known condition known as “Misophonia”. It is also sometimes called “Selective Sound Disorder”. It was only given a name around 2002. It is a sensitivity to specific sounds. Experts think that it is a neurological anomaly where the brain processes certain sounds differently to others.

I have experienced the same thing in my life, especially when I was a teenager, and it led me to behave very badly towards my father at times. For a long time I felt very guilty about it, and thought I must just simply be a very uptight and horrible person, but learning about Misophonia awakened me to the fact that many people have experienced the same thing. I read about other people’s experiences, and saw so many of the same things that I had experienced. It typically manifests itself around the age of 12-14… and that’s when I started to experience it. A common human response to misophonia is to make sounds in order to drown out the sounds that are annoying you… and again, that’s something that I did…

To this day, the sound of someone eating an apple makes me so angry that I have to make an excuse to leave the room. I used to even get upset by the sound of someone walking into the kitchen, because it meant that I might start to hear other sounds that would annoy me.

The condition has only recently been recognised, and is not understood very well. There is no real treatment for it, but there are ways to keep it under control. Knowing what it is, is a big step forward.


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