Why Eating Disorder Treatment + Exercise SHOULD Be BFFs


Why Eating Disorder Treatment + Exercise SHOULD be BFFs – www.eatingdisorderfreedomcoach.com The TYPICAL position about exercise and eating disorder treatment is that they do NOT mix. This is NOT how I see it… and in fact I support my clients to create an empowered, expressive and FUN relationship with exercise rather than a punishing routine to force your body into ‘looking a certain way’. Exercise has SO many positive benefits in eating disorder treatment including the fact that exercise is a natural laxative, it spikes our internal feel-good ‘morphine’ levels and it allows us to appreciate what our bodies can DO for us in our LIVES instead of just how they ‘look’. Watch this video to learn lots more ‘EXERCISE PERKS’ for eating disorder treatment… and then find an exercise you LOVE LOVE LOVE and get out there! Shan PS JUST IN CASE you were thinking you wouldn’t watch this video… the part where I ‘dance like a crazy fool’ is worth tuning in for even IF you aren’t researching effective eating disorder treatment! hahahahahahaha.


The secret world of anorexics
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