Why Does It Hurt Every Time I Eat Rice?

Question by Kat: Why does it hurt every time I eat rice?
I love/ practically live on white rice. For some reason, however, the first few bites feel like they get stuck in my throat and cause an insane amount of pain right around the heart area, albeit more “centered,” if you will. Drinking water or tea during this time seems only to exacerbate the problem. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m 5’8″, weigh 122 lbs, and am relatively malnourished, if that information helps at all. I carefully chew the rice, so please spare me the sarcastic posts about inhaling my food. I’m really just curious as to if this happens to anyone else. It is always just on the first few bites, and then the pain goes away, and it is almost always only when I eat rice. Thank you, in advance, for your ideas and consideration.

P.S. I have no known allergies, eating disorders, conditions, etc. I honestly just want to know if anyone else experiences this, or knows why this happens. “Just stop eating rice” doesn’t satisfy my curiosity as to why this occurs.
To user kuma: Whatevs! I put the Asian in Caucasian!

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Answer by kuma
either because you are asian or you are not.

Answer by Ellen
Hi Kat, I live in Vietnam and people in my country eat rice everyday. We feel nothing about it and we can’t live without rice. Maybe you don’t know how to cook rice yet and that’s the reason rice is hard and it hurts your throat. Well, why don’t you try to eat fried rice first? I mean you fry rice and put oil, eggs, pork to make fried rice. But most people use the multi rice cooker to cook the white rice. You have to put water to make the rice soft. Looks like you think rice is an instant food and you don’t cook before you eat. There’s no problem when my whole country eat rice so I think you did something wrong with the rice before you eat.

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