Why Does Insurance Cover So Little Days for Drug Rehab?

Question by Jenifer: Why does insurance cover so little days for drug rehab?
My husband was just admitted to Sunrise House in Lafayette,Nj. This is his first time in rehab. It is a 28 days program but the people who work there tell me we will get lucky if they let him stay for 10 days. Why do they do this?
ok, honeslty, everyone is being a little judgmental. Addiction is a disease and people need help for it. I was just wondering if any has been in a simular situation and could give me any insight.

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Answer by pixelpops
Because drug addiction is not a MEDICAL issue, like having cancer or a back injury.

@Takikio – anyone who doesn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re” is the real moron.
There’s an edit button, you stupid b*tch – which you obviously used, to look less like an idiot.

Answer by Derek Bell
Its a dumb ass policy. Common sense i think. Why insure someone trying to kill their selves.

Listen takito burrito, inhaling a subbstance that makes you feel the need for more of it is NOT a MEDICAL ISSUE. Its someone being a complete dumb ass and expects everyone else to feel sorry for him and fix it for him.

He needs to take responsibility for his actions and quit trying to scam insurance companies.


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