Why Do Women Get Away With Murdering Their Children Due to “Post-Pardom Depression _?

Question by Integration 20: Why do women get away with murdering their children due to “post-pardom depression _?
But, men get 15 years, not for murder but, for assault after being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I’m not justifying the assault. I’m just wondering why the double standard. Surely assault should receive a lighter sentence than murder, and women get away with murder because she was “depressed”.




From the article: “Melissa Murray, a UC Berkeley professor of family and criminal law, said she found 18 cases in which women charged with murdering their children asserted a defense of temporary insanity because of postpartum psychosis. ABOUT HALF THE WOMEN WERE ACQUITTED and committed to mental institutions for treatment, she said.”

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Answer by Ominous Wasteland Signal
Because we live in a society that revolves around women.

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ABC News – Do antidepressants help teens or hurt them – Florida Detox – Dr. Rick Sponaugle – floridadetox.com – More kids are being diagnosed with depression. But do the drugs that doctors prescribe to relieve depression make some young people more likely to attempt suicide? And if so, why? Kyle is a young man from the Tampa Bay area. “When I was 15 I didn’t get along with anyone. I didn’t feel connected.” Rebecca is a young woman from the Tampa area. “I told my mom I just wasn’t happy, and of course being a mom you try to fix it but she just couldn’t.” Two young people both suffered symptoms of depression. Both turned to anti-depressants for relief. For one, the controversial drugs seem to be working. For the other, antidepressants brought on thoughts of suicide. Rebecca remembers, “My mom saw me in the kitchen with a knife and she stopped it.” Some doctors say chemicals in the brain, including serotonin and dopamine, control everything from wakefulness to moodiness, joy to despair. When those chemicals get too far out of balance, problems follow. Dr. Rick Sponaugle of Florida Detox in Tarpon Springs says a low level of the calming chemical serotonin “causes moodiness, irritability, anxiety, hopelessness, excessive guilt.” And doctors commonly prescribe drugs like Lexapro or Paxil that increase and restore the balance of serotonin in the brain. Dr. Sponaugle says, “Those drugs work fine in teens who need a serotonin boost, but a multitude of teens with depression have a dopamine deficiency.” Dr. Sponaugle says low dopamine activity in the pleasure center of the


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